Opening an Automotive Repair Shop? 4 Things Every Mechanic Needs

Opening an Automotive Repair Shop? 4 Things Every Mechanic Needs

After finishing automotive repair training school, you may want to open your shop, but first, you must have the equipment required for fixing vehicles. It is important to choose several types of equipment so that you can assist customers with the repair of a vehicle as quickly as possible. Here are four things that you must have for your automotive repair shop.

Air Compressor

As an automotive technician, you must replace or repair vehicle tires on numerous vehicles. Rather than spending several hours using a hand pump to add air to tires, you will need an automated air compressor. These devices are made with modern technology to sense when enough air is in a tire to maintain the safety of the item while a customer is driving a vehicle.

Battery Charger with Cables

Dead batteries in vehicles are a common issue that occurs from certain weather conditions, or because the lights were left on throughout the night. An automotive technician in a repair shop will want to have the highest quality battery charger with cables to charge vehicle batteries. In addition, a specialized battery charging system can diagnose problems with a battery to determine if it requires a total replacement.

Hydraulic Lift

An automated hydraulic lift is designed for lifting an entire vehicle from the floor to give an automotive technician access to the parts that are underneath the vehicle. This is likely the most expensive piece of equipment that you will need to buy for an automotive repair shop, but it must be installed correctly to work properly. Modern lifts are designed with numerous safety features to prevent an injury while a technician is working underneath a vehicle.

Jack Stands

Jack stands are placed along the side of a vehicle to lift it slightly to replace a tire or to work on something on the edge of an automobile. For an automotive repair shop, you will want a durable jack stand that will last for many years. These devices are made from durable metal to lift vehicles that are small or large, and you must learn how to use this type of equipment safely without going underneath the automobile.

Lastly, you might wonder how you will pay for all of these expensive pieces of equipment, but you will likely need to apply for a loan from a bank to buy new or used items. Take your time choosing the proper equipment for your automotive repair shop, and the items will probably last for many years.

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