Amazing Tips To Choose The Best Bongs

Amazing Tips To Choose The Best Bongs

Bongs are used for smoking. You may find an overwhelming range of this device in the market. To get the best quality bong, read this article. We will share with you some useful tips that will help you purchase the best bong for your use.


Bongs are generally priced between $60 and $150. You will find several bongs that fall below $100. High quality bongs are typically above $100. The cost of expensive ones can go as high as $500. Based on the length, and filtration capacity, you can find a decent bong within the $150 mark.

The express smoke shop is the leading place where you can find an extensive range of bongs for sale. Their products are made from durable materials to provide a pleasant and lasting smoking experience to their users.


Now after the price, the next big consideration is its durability. You can find bongs in a large variety of materials that include:

  • Thick glass
  • Wider bases
  • Silicone bongs, and
  • Shorter bongs

Go for the one that is made up of durable and long-lasting materials. Reputed manufacturers provide the best quality bongs that give you comfort for the longer-term. Such bongs save you from the frequent expense, and headache in the longer run.


Size is another vital consideration. The bong you choose should be such that it serves your purpose and matches your preference. Generally, bongs are available between the 8 to 14” size range. This size is seen to offer the best level of experience.

Do not go for a size less than this range as it will be inconvenient to use. Some people are fond of large pipes, as it offers them an amazing experience. They can look for bongs that have a length of 2 ft or more.


If you are a regular smoker, then you should go for the best quality product. The product that offers high quality may be a little pricier than the low-cost ones. You will reap its benefits for several years for sure. A custom blown or hand-blown is not advised as it can increase the cost of a bong. Find a happy medium to obtain the best value.


Percolation or filtration is another important aspect of a bong that you should consider at the time of buying it. Make sure that the bong provides you a smooth and filtered smoke. Some of the popular kinds of percolators are:

  • Showerhead Percs
  • Tree Percs
  • Faberge Egg
  • Swiss Percs
  • Propeller Percs


When choosing a bong, the brand also holds a significant advantage. Go for a reputed and dependable brand as it assures the best quality materials, convenience, and pleasant smoking experience.

Reliable Shipping

This is mostly overlooked but an important aspect to consider when buying a bong. This factor is important to consider as you do not want to buy the product that has got damaged. Take a look at how good is the shipping service offered by the company.

Learn about their shipping policies too. Some companies charge shipping fees from their customers. So, it is better to learn about charges before you avail of their services.


The selection of the right bong requires time and effort. You need to understand your requirements and features that you expect from the device. By assessing the bongs on these factors, you will make the right choice.

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