Be a Good Leader – Save Your Employees and Encourage Wearing Mask

Be a Good Leader – Save Your Employees and Encourage Wearing Mask

A leader is someone who influences people, and guides them to do things right way. A strong leader must know how to get over a crisis and find a solution as soon as possible. COVID has not only affected the health of the people, but also their businesses. Productivity of the employees worldwide has gone down, as they are falling sick.

The World Health Organization (WHO) along with other research centers like the Center for Disease Control has declared that masks must be worn, if you are in a public place, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Some feel embarrassed to wear a mask in public as people might think that they are sick. We can change this by spreading a word that it’s okay to wear a mask these days.

What can a business leader do to prevent this?

A business leader must educate his/her employees to wear a mask in public places and offices. Since the economy is going down, most countries have opened their businesses. Some are working from home and others work in offices.

Distributing masks in offices and making it compulsory to wear one can save the lives of your employees. The ‘Custom Earth Promos’, an eco-friendly company based in Florida State, USA, is the best choice to buy protective masks. To bulk order face masks online, visit:

  • Wear a mask confidently

You are an example for your employees. Only you can influence them to wear a mask by wearing one yourself. Once you wear it confidently in public, it will make them realize that it is not embarrassing at all.

  • Educate them on how to wear a mask

Just wearing a mask is not the solution to the problem, it should be worn correctly. A 20-minute session on how to wear a mask can save the lives of your employees and the productivity of your firm as well.

  • Make it compulsory

If your employees are working away from home, make it compulsory to wear a mask while working. Encourage them to wear a mask in public places. If your employees are working from home, tell them to wear it when they go out. It will not just save their life but will also save your business.

  • Spare $2 for your life everyday

Masks are not very costly. You can buy one within $2 from a medical store or online. If spending $2 a day can save your life. Then, what is stopping you from doing it! Tell them how they can spend their life peacefully just by spending an extra dollar during the pandemic.

  • Make your own mask

Due to the shortage of masks in the US, people have started to make their own mask. Even the President wears a homemade mask. There are guidelines released by various organizations to educate people on how to wear a mask. If celebrities can, then why can’t your employees make one?

Spreading awareness instead of fake news on social media can change the lives of many people.