What to Consider While Buying A Glass Bubbler?

What to Consider While Buying A Glass Bubbler?

The hand-held version of the water pipe is called bubbler. It is compact in size and portable, so people prefer it more. Bubblers are available in different shapes and sizes. A few include a tiny water chamber for diffusion, while some comprise of high-end percs and scientific looks.

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Bubblers use water to cool the smoke for non-harsh hits. Mini water pipes use percolators to filter, cleanse, and diffuse the vape to make it healthier. The pieces are small but solid for easy transport. It even has some drawbacks like gets dirty easily and cleaning is hard. However, make sure to stay away from the cheap versions as they get damaged with ease.

How to choose the right bubbler?

Your buying decision must never be made on the price. Affordability is essential, but there are other things you need to consider.

  • Look for bubblers having structural stability. It is necessary to choose a piece that sits firmly on the ground without spilling the water.
  • Never choose bubblers, which have been sitting on the shelf for a long time.
  • Carbs support the removal of stale smoke. It even helps in clearing the pipe. Therefore, look for carbs having decent-size and not too small.
  • Avoid a bubbler having an awkward angle. It can physically tax your neck. The iconic ‘Sherlock bubbler’ offers a good experience as it has a comfortable bend, which keeps your head upright as your smoke.
  • Choose a design that prevents splashback. It also needs to offer some distance between the flame you use and your face. For example, the ‘Sidecar bubbler’

Bubbler options

  • Hammer – It has a bottom chamber, which helps it to sit flat, while its neck moves diagonally in the upward direction to connect the chamber top. They look like a gavel used in the court or a hammer.
  • Sidecar – These bubblers have a mouthpiece that is attached to the side of the chamber at an angle instead of the top. It eliminates the water splashback issue users can experience.
  • Pendant – It has a hole and string, which can be worn around the neck. The bubbler is extremely compact and can be worn in public places with ease.
  • Sherlock – The bubblers have an S-shape, which you see in the pipes the famous detective Sherlock used.
  • Double – Two chambers consist of their own percolator. It allows filtering the vapor two times in its dual system.
  • Concentrate – These are specially designed bubblers for smoking essential oils or concentrates. It has a male joint that allows adding a quartz or titanium nail with ease.

The majority of water pipes are more than 10 inches, so are not easily portable for several stoners. On the other hand, the classic dry pipe makes smoking rough. Fortunately, a bubbler is an appealing hybrid. However, any type of bubbler you choose you will surely enjoy vapes.