What are the Best Used GMC Vehicles?

What are the Best Used GMC Vehicles?

Are you thinking about which truck to get next? If you’re in the market for a used GMC, you have a lot of factors to consider.  The GMC brand is so well known for dependability, you can feel confident about buying a pre-owned vehicle because you know it still has many good years to come. These tough, capable trucks are some of the most well-recognized and well-loved vehicles on the road today, so it is no wonder you to learn more about what they have to offer. First of all, how long do GMC trucks last? You want this vehicle to tackle the jobs ahead.

How you drive your truck and what you need to haul and tow are going to affect the years you get out of your GMC. You know that the life of any vehicle can’t really be given a precise number on how long it’s going to endure for you. Life happens! A truck’s longevity depends on a number of factors, including how you drive and maintain your vehicle. As well, there are environmental factors, accident history, wear and tear on various parts, and more.

The good news is that GMC trucks and SUVs have an excellent reputation for lasting their drivers a long time! Earlier this year, results were released from a study that actually pulled data from as far back as 1981 to discover which vehicles had the most models on the road with over 200,000 miles on the odometer. The GMC Sierra 1500 was particularly noted. A full 2% of vehicles sold that have over 200,000 miles on the odometer are Sierra 1500 trucks. That’s pretty amazing!

More than any other brand, GMC models had the greatest showing on the list of great used vehicles. In addition to the Sierra 1500 and 2500 pickup truck models, the GMC Yukon and Yukon XL nabbed top spots for themselves. It’s tougher to find a GMC vehicle that won’t last a long time!

With proper maintenance, you’ll get maximum life from your vehicle. This includes regular oil changes and tire rotation, and more. Older vehicles need special care like the steering wheel fluid and fuel filters needing changed. Spark plugs should be replaced regularly, with most lasting between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Brakes will wear significantly faster when stopping hard or heavy loads, which is more common for trucks and SUVs.

There are many important things to do to keep a GMC running strong for a long time, but driving it regularly and performing regular maintenance is the key. Sitting for long periods of time allows components to rust, dry up, crack or seize when they otherwise wouldn’t. That’s easy for you to accomplish, because you need this vehicle to be driven!

Whether you’re in the market for a pickup or an SUV, it is time you check out the used GMC lineup at your nearest dealership for options that are built to last!

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