Are You Aware How Often You Should Clean Your Drains?

Are You Aware How Often You Should Clean Your Drains?

As a homeowner, you must have faced certain drain problem at least once in your life time. In case, you have not yet faced such situation, then consider yourself lucky, but you never know when this problem will arise.

Drain clogging can always be a very nasty problem to face and it will put all your household into a very bad situation. There can also be certain damage to your property, if water gets accumulated due to clogging of drain and your whole house will be stinking.

If you ever come under such situation then you can always call Wilco Plumbing for providing their services, and they will be ready to send their expert plumber during any time of the day.

In order to ensure that your drain always flows smoothly, it is essential that you must be serious about its maintenance and you must do regular preventive maintenance, so that you never come into such situation.

As a matter of fact, we cannot tell you exact frequency at which you must clean your drains but at least once in a year you must call a professional plumber and get it thoroughly cleaned by them, so that you need not face any unpleasant situation suddenly.

However besides that, you must also be vigilant about the working of your drain. Drain blockage generally take place if you use it in careless manner. Therefore, following are few actions that must be taken by you time to time, so that you can ensure that your drain will flow in normal manner.

1. Don’t ignore if the drain movement is slow

If you observe that movement of drain becomes too slow then it is an indication of blockage. Try to use all available methods available with you to clean.

2. If you have drained oil then also drain boiled water

Mostly in kitchen, you need to use oily substance that may often accidentally flow into drain that may solidify and block drain. You may drain boiling water in such situation.

3. Occasionally use baking soda or vinegar to clean drain

It will be nice to use few household items like baking soda and also vinegar which are very effective in cleaning your drain.

4. Make sure that you don’t feel bad odour

Whenever you find bad odour coming from drain then it can be because of certain blockage, which is stinking within the pipeline. You must get your drain cleaned.

5. Ask your family not to flush any unwanted objects

You must educate your family not to throw any unwanted object in the toilet flush especially condoms or pads used by female members of the household.

6. Occasionally use plunger

Any plunger can always be very useful to use in case there is any small blockages developed in your drain. This can be a very good DIY tool for you.

7. Also use plumber snake if needed

Plumber snake is also another tool easily available in hardware store that can be used to clear the drain blockage.

In case, the problem does not resolve with your DIY way then better call a plumber.

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