What Should You Expect During Your First Driving Lesson?

What Should You Expect During Your First Driving Lesson?

Got your driving license recently? Great job! Now it’s time to learn the driving lessons now to hone your driving skills. Every teenager eagerly awaits their first driving lessons class. It is your first time and you are feeling a bit nervous and excited about your first driving class. It is quite natural. Below is the list of few things which you can expect during your first driving class.

  • Pickup from your location: Your driver instructor will reach your location to pick you up. Remember, you cannot get behind the wheel in your first go itself. Before doing that your driver will take you to an appropriate place to teach you the basics of driving.
  • Makes you feel comfortable: Your instructor will make sure that you feel comfortable during your class. It will be extremely difficult to focus on the instructions given by your instructor if you are not comfortable.
  • Car Introduction: The first and foremost thing which any instructor does is he will take you through the dashboard instruments and car controls. They will teach even the most basic things like adjusting the driver seat and mirrors to make sure that you can see your surroundings properly while driving.
  • Short Drive: Most of the driving instructors will ask you to drive only in the surroundings during your first few classes. Follow all the instructions given by your instructor to hone your driving skills.
  • Parking the Car: As you have to park your car post your classes every day in the parking area, your instructor will teach you about it. Most of the driving learners apply brakes unnecessarily while parking their car. Your instructor will explain to you when to use the brakes appropriately while parking your car.
  • Question and Answers: Most of the people will have a lot of questions in their minds during their first driving class. As your instructor will allocate some time to answer your questions, feel free to ask.
  • Mistakes and Feedback: It is highly not possible to follow all the instructions of your instructor during the first class. It is quite common to do mistakes during your first class. Your instructor will observe your way of driving and shares the feedback at the end of the class. Work on the given feedback to hone your driving skills. Make it a habit to note all the points shared by your instructor on a piece of paper to work on those weaknesses.

It is very important to discuss with your instructor always if anything is stopping you from learning. The LTrent driving instructors will be available to help you always when you book their driving lessons. They also offer Safer Drivers Course for the young drivers to better their skills. Thousands of people have learned driving from this driving school, and many of them have started their careers as professional drivers as well. Don’t forget to carry your license to your driving classes. Do wear comfortable shoes to stay comfortable while driving.

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