Few Answers to The Query – Does Nose Piercing Closes Fully or Not?

Few Answers to The Query – Does Nose Piercing Closes Fully or Not?

Nose piercing is a popular way of enhancing the facial beauty. There are ample ways to pierce your nose to wear beautiful nose rings. However, some women prefer the nose piercing part to close by itself due to varied reasons, but there is one thing that many of them worry about and that is whether the pierced nose part will naturally close or not.

Many would have worn septum rings, nose rings and other various forms of nose adorning jewels, thus surely the pierced part remains open. Nose piercing is done to wear attractive looking jewels bought from shops like Pierce Off. Their jewels signify womanhood and add sparkle to the nose piercing. Thus, these are the prime reasons why women love multiple tiny jewel settings displayed on their online website.

Answers to the query whether the nose piercing will close or not:

  • It will surely happen however the time period varies due to many factors.
    • Age – The area with the piercing in young girls closes faster as compared to old women.
    • The part of nose pierced – Some part of the nose is delicate while some area is thicker. Hence, the thicker skin tissues will take longer period of time to close.
    • General health of the person – The person shouldn’t be diabetic or have any other chronic health issues.
    • The time period of piercing – The newly pierced area may heal soon compared to nose piercing done a long while ago. The piercing done few minutes or few days before surprisingly closes up soon however the piercing done months or years back take considerable time to close fully.
  •  The reasons for time variation for closing of nose piercing.
    • It is a known fact that while piercing your nose a tiny passage like a tube way takes form known as fistula. There is always new cell formation in healthy body, thus in due course of time that slowly leads the fistula to seem more prominent. It depends upon the skin texture and the time period taken by fistula to thicken.
    • However, if the jewellery places in the pierced part of nose is removed and not worn for weeks or months before the fistula is fully developed, then there are high chances of it closing faster.
    • Fully developed fistula isn’t easy to close as it will take sometimes years to seal up, thus the waiting period is longer.
    • The favourable fact is that the immune system of the body tends to close the pieced part, thus the process is quick. Moreover, the inner pierced part closes faster because of the mucous membrane. Hence, you may have semi hole that takes a longer time to close fully for years.

Unfortunately, the pierced closed parts do leave a scar that may fade as the time moves on. Moreover, if the pierced part was infected then surely the scar is clearly visible. The infection or allergic reaction is mostly likely to occur because of inferior quality nose jewellery. Thus, to be safe always strive to buy nose jewellery from well acclaimed websites like www.pierceoff.com.au as they sell top quality jewels.

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