How to Get Rid of The First Time Driving Jitters – Some Tips for You

How to Get Rid of The First Time Driving Jitters – Some Tips for You

When you are in the passenger seat and your friend or someone else is driving, you will not feel the burden of keeping people in the car safe. However, when it is you who is behind the steering wheel of the car and it is your first-time in the driver seat, then you will surely feel the sense of fear and low confidence level.

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The driving experts can help you get rid of the jitters that you feel, when behind the steering wheel for the first time. Here are some such tips for you.

  • Learn About Some Basics

There are many things that you should by default, before planning to sit behind the wheel. By doing so, you can feel a sense of confidence for the fact that you do know the basics of driving. Some of such basics include,

  1. Learning how to pump gas
  2. Understanding about the procedure of refilling the washer fluid of the windshield
  3. Changing the punctured tire
  4. How to jump start a car, when in need
  • Have a grip on the Accelerator

First timers find it very hard to control the accelerator, clutch and brake with their legs. Instead of pressing the brake, they sometimes end up accelerating the car. Hence, it is suggested to go easy on the gas pedal, so as to make the car move slowly.

  • Ask Around with Your Dear Ones About Their Experiences

Everyone will have stories to share with you about their first time behind the wheel. Instead of thinking that you are alone in this field, you can ask around your dear ones and learn about how they felt when sitting behind the wheel for the first time. The stories will surely help you with building up your confidence to begin the driving experience in the best way.

  • Learn to Communicate with the Fellow Drivers on the Road

Your car is loaded with many options for you. You can indicate what you will be doing to the fellow drivers on the road, with a simple press of a button. The buttons will help you to let other drivers know whether you are taking a left turn or right turn, whether you will be coming to halt or will be shifting lanes, and so on.

The important thing to keep in mind while driving is to follow all traffic rules. Do slow down when the light is yellow and do not accelerate, when the light is red. Be at your speed limit in required lanes and never try to overtake on a busy road. Follow all traffic rules and you will surely enjoy your driving experience to the fullest.

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