How to Undertake Proper Academic Research on Business?

How to Undertake Proper Academic Research on Business?

Before going into the detail of the proper procedure of how should we can get the benefit of the academic research for the growth and development of the businesses firstly everyone should know what academic research actually means. So now let us explore the meaning of academic research.

Define Academic Research?

Academic research literally means research that involves investigation of a particular problem or situation which aims to make the different facts and opinions visible to everyone and also helps scientific communities to learn the undiscovered facts. The other name of academic research is scholarly research. It helps also in the development of a business or an organization by finding unknown facts. Now before going further in detail we have to understand how does research relates to business.

What is business research?

It is defined as a process with the help of which mainly focus is on boosting and increasing sales and profits as much as possible. We can reach consumers and business leaders around the world for academic research for gaining more profits and make our business reach to highest peaks.

Difference between academic and business research

In the case of academic research questions are conceptual whereas in business research which is also called professional research questions are practical.

The findings of academic research are made public so that any other person can learn from it but the business findings are kept private so that no one

can copy and then gains more sales and popularity than ours.

Academic research is accessed by the reviews of peers of the person who did the research whereas business research can be improved by taking client’s reviews.

These are some of the key differences from a list of differences between academic and business research.

Types of research 

We can make our research in the no of ways same as the number of classifications of data into different categories which are listed below:

  1. Observational: It consists of data that is collected by taking information of reading live after doing experiments, surveys, and many more activities.
  2. Experimental: These are collected only by experiments.
  3. Simulation: The data which is reached by means of tables, charts, graphs, etc are covered under simulation research.
  4. Derived: Derived research are reached by means of mathematical calculations.

Good Research characteristics

The characteristics which must be included for making a better academic, as well as business research, are written below:

  1. Make research using primary sources.
  2. A huge quantity of data should be included.
  3. Not only the quantity but also the quality of data is a must.

How to conduct academic research on business?

Following are the steps for carrying out academic research on a business:

  1. Firstly choose the topic.
  2. Now do research roughly to get an idea of the topic.
  3. Now download the materials you require and bookmark the sources.
  4. Now write the proper source details on a paper and explain them thoroughly.
  5. The Last step is to proofread the research.

These are the steps you should follow for doing academic research on business. From this article, you can get a brief idea of academic research on the business procedure steps required.