Not-to-do List After Your Keratin Treatment – Know What Are They?

Not-to-do List After Your Keratin Treatment – Know What Are They?

These days, many people opt for hair straightening treatment methods to get shiny, healthy-looking hair. One of those popular treatments is keratin hair treatment. In this method, keratin – a protein formula has been used to fix the damages and make the hair smooth and straight temporarily.

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Not-to-do list after keratin treatment

The following are a few things that you need to avoid after your keratin treatment. It helps you in enjoying the benefits of the treatment. They include:

Avoid traditional keratin hair straightening methods

Products used in traditional keratin treatment methods contain strong chemical formaldehyde, which damages the scalp and hair. Also, it causes eye, skin, nose, and throat irritation. So, make sure that you choose keratin treatment free from formaldehyde.

Avoid poor-quality conditioners and shampoos

It is the important thing you have to remember. After the treatment, your hair requires gentle shampoos that contain keratin. These shampoos help to progress the effects of the treatment longer.

The regular shampoos will have sodium chloride and sulfates that are harsh over the treated hair and make your treatment fade away quickly.

Avoid clarifying shampoos

A clarifying shampoo help to eliminate deposits and residues over the hair, but you need to avoid them after the treatment. It is because they will have a higher pH to open up the cuticles, which dissolves the protein keratin.

Be cautious with hair oils

Using hair oil gives a greasy look to the hair, so use hair oil to do a conditioning treatment after the treatment. Also, you can use hair oil at the end of the hair to enhance the shiny look and tame fizz.

Avoid hairstyles and hair accessories up to 2 weeks

You are not recommended to do ponytails and other hairstyles for up to 2 weeks. Also, avoid hair accessories like headbands, barrettes, clips, and others because they leave lines and dents of demarcation. Let your hair straight and down to keep up with the results of the keratin treatment.

Avoid using dye immediately after the treatment

After the treatment, it’s ideal to avoid coloring hair for 2 weeks as the process of coloring pens up the cuticles of the hair and removes some keratin. You can color your hair before the keratin treatment, but only by professionals.

Avoid using heating tools

The keratin treatment method decreases the need for hair maintenance. However, you can use it once the treatment starts fading off and the hair becomes frizz. It helps to get a shiny and smooth look.

In addition to the above, avoid swimming in chlorinated pools, using salt water, and avoid using shampoos often.

Although the effects of keratin treatment last for 2 to 4 months, you can enjoy the new look and improve the treatment life by making few changes. Choose an experienced hairstylist and contact today for a keratin treatment to get silky soft hair.