Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about dab pens

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about dab pens

What’s a dab pen?

It is a vaporizer but it can also be used for dabs. Dab pens are small vape that uses THC concentrate. It delivers a powerful high with a fast and intense hit. Pretty cool, huh?

I got it. But what about dabbing?

The dance moves are not what dabbing is. The act of dabbing is simply to consume cannabis concentrate via a vape rig. Dabbing is more fun than traditional dance.

What’s in a dab pen?

A dab pen is similar to an e-cigarette or vape, but instead of ink, it has a chamber and a coil. And instead of writing with it you can smoke it…you get it.

It is very simple. The chamber holds the dab and the coil, while the coil melts and vaporizes the dab. The battery keeps everything running. The majority of dab pens can be recharged.

What are the most important things to know about a dab pen?

Here’s a quick lowdown.

It evaporates dabs

You put in dabs. It will vaporize your dabs and give you a strong, clean high.

It is necessary to clean it

Because of how they are loaded, dab pens can get dirty over time. Make sure you clean them regularly to prevent any residue from ruining the taste of your smoke.

Get your right dab amount

This is something you will have to work out by yourself. Once you get the right amount of dab, you’ll fly high.

How to use the dab pen

  • It’s easy to know where everything goes.
  • Remove the mouthpiece. Some mouthpieces are spring-loaded.
  • Use a stick or a dab tool to load the tank and place it on the coil.
  • To warm the wax and settle it, hold the power button down for a few seconds.
  • Reinstall the mouthpiece.

Okay, this is the obvious one: get your dab pen going.

To fill the chamber with vapor hold the button and then enjoy the sweet, smoky haze.

Dab pens are just delicious. They provide a smooth, discreet, and enjoyable vaporizing experience.

Dab pens can be used by anyone, even if they don’t smoke tobacco. They’re also perfect for vaping cannabis for pain relief due to the purity of the hit and the strength.

The cons of using dab pens

They must be cleaned, and who doesn’t like cleaning? No one.

Inexperienced dabbers are at risk of getting whitted out. Although we cannot fix the cleaning problem, we recommend slowing down for your first few dabs to get used to your limits.

What is the cost of a dab rig?

Is dabbing really worth it? It is! This leads us to the next question: How much will a dab pen cost you?

First, let’s talk about the dabs. Remember that one dab is worth more than a regular joint. This reduces the cost of using your dab pen.

The dab pen will cost more, but you still get a strong dose of marijuana goodness with the cheapest model.

Consider how much you plan to use the dab pen and how often. We recommend that experienced professionals use a high-spec dab pen for the best highs.

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