How To Select High-Grade Pens For A Smooth and Convenient Writing?

How To Select High-Grade Pens For A Smooth and Convenient Writing?

The quest for perfect stationery must have made you stumble across ballpoint pens, gel, and rollerball pens. Though they all look similar, their different traits and features make them different from one another. Selecting the wrong kind of pen may not give you the kind of writing satisfaction that you are seeking.

Ballpoints, gel, and roller pens have one common feature. All of them use a small, ball that revolves at the tip and dispenses ink.  The ball’s surface gets exposed to the ink reservoir that coats the ball and continues the ink flow. It is the ink formulation that makes each one of them different.

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Ballpoint pens

  • Ballpoint pens are waterproof, smudge-resistant, dries quickly.
  • Ballpoint pens use thick oil-based inks that are made by dissolving dyes in alcohol mixtures.
  • It writes smoothly and dries quickly so they are ideal for taking quick notes.
  • Since the ink is thick, they work well on low-quality papers with hardly or perhaps no bleed through.
  • As the pen’s ink is less prone to drying, it requires no cap. So, these usually use a twist or click mechanism for exposing the writing tip.

When to use it?

  • Ballpoint pens are suitable for official document use, writing on slick surfaces like receipts or thermal papers as they have a more controlled action
  • They can be carried and used every day
  • Since they need the pressure to write, they work well providing dark marks when used on paper without a carbon copy.

Gel pens

  • Consists of water-based gel that makes the writing more precise and vibrant providing a smoother writing experience.
  • They come in very small tip sizes of 0.28mm.
  • Less pressure is needed while writing with this pen and the uninterrupted ink flow makes it much simpler to write for longer time.
  • However, they take time to dry and can smudge if you are not careful
  • They also tend to skip more than ball pens and roller pens

When to use it?

  • Gel pens are excellent for taking everyday notes for their smoothness
  • They are highly recommended for students
  • Since they are available in many colours, they are most conveniently used for the colour coding of notes.

Roller pens

  • Roller pens use liquid ink that consists of dyes dissolved in water, the same as what is used with fountain pens.
  • However, good quality of paper has to be used while writing as the ink takes longer to dry which makes it more prone to smudging.

When to use it?

  • The flow of ink is free as compared to both ballpoint and gel pens so it needs even less pressure to write.
  • Hence, it is useful for those who suffer from hand cramps.

Every kind of pen brings something special to your page. While ballpoints are great for quick writing, roller pens are best for graceful writing.