The Essential Measurements You Need To Know Before You Go Into A Custom Home Design

The Essential Measurements You Need To Know Before You Go Into A Custom Home Design

We believe it is best to leave the exact measurements of a new custom-built home to the Custom Home Builder Bolton. It is best to leave the details of the floorplan, hallway width, and height of light switches to the Custom Home Builder Caledon. We believe there are a few important dimensions that custom homeowners should know before starting the design process. Every good Custom Home Builder Scarborough will help you navigate the design process. However, we want to share some tips and common measurements that you should know before you talk to a builder.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the one place in the house where every inch counts. We’re all familiar with the expression “too many cooks at the kitchen”. It can be a sign that there are too many people in the kitchen to do the job right, but it also makes you think of someone carrying hot pans and ducking around someone at the sink. A kitchen is a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends or to prepare meals together. Make sure you have enough space for all your appliances. These are some of the most common measurements done by Custom Home Builder Innisfil.

30 inches: The ideal space between island and lighting feature

10 inches: The ideal space between the top and countertop of a bar stool to allow you to comfortably sit.

36 inches is the standard height for a countertop

The Bathroom

There is not enough space for your spouse and you have to squeeze in the time it takes to get the kids ready for bed each night. You might spend a lot of time in the tub with your children, especially if they are young. This is to ensure everyone is clean and safe after each bath. To ensure that everyone can move comfortably, measure the tub’s width and add 12 to 15 inches. Custom Home Builder Bradford should also consider additional storage and furnishings such as a linen closet, laundry basket, or other space around your tub. These are the common dimensions for the bathroom to help you plan and visualize your new home. After stepping out of the bath, no one wants a wet towel on their skin!

48 inches: This is the ideal height for a towel rack that can dry without touching the floor.

17-19 inches: This is the average height for a toilet seat

32-36 inches: The ideal height for the bathroom sink depending on your height

The Living Room

A functional and beautiful shelving unit is one of our favorite features in a new living space. Although they are space-saving in the organization, they can also take up space that you didn’t consider when building the room. Custom Home Builder Aurora can give your living space more space if your living area is the exact size you desire. A fireplace in your home is the same. These require space and have specific building requirements. There is also plenty of space around it to prevent scraping shins on the mantle or bumping heads while trying to navigate the living room furniture. Keep in mind that you and your family may bump into things. You can also give your family enough space to move around comfortably, and put away those large books that seem to always make it into your book collection.

30 to 36 inches: The ideal space for walking around the seating areas

12 inches: Distance between a coffee table and the couch

Books can be stored between 12 and 15 inches

The Bedroom

Are you thinking about bunk beds for your kids? When Custom Home Builder Newmarket plans, don’t forget to consider the bed height! If you aren’t careful, a poorly placed ceiling fan could limit your furniture options. Consider how the room’s function might change over time. You won’t live with your kids forever so the bunk bed may need to go. It can be difficult to make the bed when the sheets are too long.

30-36 inches: For easy access to the room, space is needed around the door and bed.

72 inches: The minimum ceiling height around the bed should be 72 inches to ensure that you can climb in and out easily

Laundry Room

There is always more laundry than there are clothes to wash. Your laundry room’s space will affect how easy it is to do your daily chores. You will need enough space to fold and sort laundry, as well as store pillows and blankets for overnight guests. This room is where storage is crucial. Custom Home Builder Richmond Hill will need to plan for large cabinets, wide doors, ample floor space, and lots of storage space.

40 inches: Counter depth dimension for typical washing machine

48 inches is the minimum clearance required for front-loading washers/dryers

6 inches: The space needed behind a washer/dryer for appliance hookups

These are just some of the rooms that you might be dreaming up for your new home. These basic dimensions will allow you to let your imagination soar without compromising the space you need to live in comfort and beauty. Contact the Custom Home Builder North York or Custom Home Builder Etobicokeif you are ready to hire a team of designers and builders to manage the details to make your dream home a reality.