Top 4 Reasons Of How Speaking English Can Make Your Football Career Shine

Top 4 Reasons Of How Speaking English Can Make Your Football Career Shine

The ability to speak and understand English is an important skill that every career-oriented individual must possess, especially athletes. Irrespective of whether you live in an English-speaking country or not, since you will be traveling a lot for tournaments, it is required that you can speak and understand English.

If you are still wondering why footballer should speak English, here are the top 4 reasons for the same:

1. It makes communicating with international teammates and coaches easier

How would you feel if you have to go and play a professional sport on a completely different continent? Well, certainly the idea is exciting, but it can surely turn into a disaster if you don’t understand a word from your teammates. Besides, what will you do when your coach is giving you an inspiring speech or some really important pointers?

A good grasp of the English language will give you the freedom you deserve. You will feel more confident and comfortable about presenting yourself and your game.

2. Communicating with fans and media gets possible

Over 2 billion people in the world communicate in English. This means no matter where you are traveling, you will surely find a few fans and media reporters who would like to talk with you in English. Besides, famous football players work with international brands all the time, and this again requires the ability to speak English.

So, whether you meet your fans after the game, or are being interviewed for an international sports channel, you surely need to know English.

3. Your game will become more fun

When you are freely able to talk with your teammates, the entire experience of playing with them becomes more exciting. You experience a sense of involvement and acceptance in the team. Also, when you understand English, you will be able to observe and understand other players in a better way, and this in return will make your game better.

4. You will overall feel more satisfaction

All of us feel more content when we are appreciated. Now, how would you feel if you don’t exactly understand the complements of your fans, teammates, and everyone around you? Well, of course, a translator can help, but it won’t feel the same. Furthermore, you won’t be able to understand the commentary as well.

English speaking skill is helpful

If you are convinced by the idea that verbal skills are not as important as people make it sound, at least believe that it will be helpful. For sure, each team eventually develops its own way of communication and uses a combination of words and gestures for the same. However, still to feel more connected, understanding what the other person is saying is important.

Lastly, to conclude it can be said that the stories and experiences of international football players suggest that verbal skills are truly important. Now, it is not mandatory to learn the English language, but if you make an effort, it will surely make you a better player, teammate, and overall a better citizen.