Six Of The Most Popular Logo Mats

Six Of The Most Popular Logo Mats

Custom logo mats can be cost-effective way to make a great first impression when customers visit your building.

It is important to note that this list is not representative of all options.

Functional Standard Print Mats

A standard mat is suitable for many situations. It is an affordable option that creates strong visual impressions and is cost-effective.

They are fine if there is little footfall. However, they may not be durable in heavily-used areas. An alternative option may be a better long-term investment.

There are many color options available, so your logo can be made accurately. Pantone matching is also possible. They have an anti-slip backing, are easy to clean, and can be washed at 40°.

Premium Printed Mats

Premium printed mats, which are very popular, are used by Aston Martin and as entrance mats to schools, colleges, and playgroups. This option is great for many businesses and organizations.

The mats are durable and can withstand high footfall.

Pantone matching can be used to make sure the mat perfectly represents your brand.

High Definition Mats

These mats look similar to premium printed mats but have a straight-set tufted pile which allows them to display finer graphical details. This is important if there is little text or the mat is intended to exact copy a photograph, as in the example.

These mats are often used in advertising and POS activities. They are also suitable for high footfall.

Coir logo mats

Coir logo mats made of coconut fibers are extremely durable and hard-wearing. They can also remove dirt from shoes in high-traffic areas.

There are many colors available that can be combined to create your logo. You also have the option of a reduced color palette. This logo mat is elegant and practical, helping businesses to reduce the cost of floor repairs.

You can lay the mats loosely or make them custom. All mats come with a 12-month warranty. You can also order custom sizes.

Coir mats are very popular among a wide range of organizations. They are used by many schools, sports clubs, and businesses from all sectors. Coir mats are also used by the hospitality industry and pubs.

Cleated Rubber Logo Mats

All-rubber rubber logo mats can be cleated with cleats. They are moldable and have a face cleat that wipes shoes clean. The outside has a border that traps moisture and prevents it from spreading to the floor.

These rubber shoes are suitable for many applications due to their oil and chemical resistance.

The mat is printed with a design. It can be a logo or a welcome message.

Hard Wearing Fibre Logo Mats

Fiber logo mats are very durable and can be used outdoors, as their name suggests. They are resistant to the elements.

They are made of coarse fibers that allow water to run off.

These mats have the best combination of durability and definition. They are a great way to make a grand entrance to your property.

A two-year guarantee for manufacturing and eleven-year color fast guarantees are evidence of the quality.

There are seven sizes available. However, bespoke sizes can also be made. Pantone matching for colors is possible.